Giving & Receiving Feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback – 1 hr workshop

Intended for:
Anyone who wants to improve their relationships with their teams

Good, constructive feedback enables us to learn as we work and to learn from mistakes. Feedback can be positive – as praise and recognition – or negative, both are important. Clear and specific positive feedback is one of the easiest and cheapest motivating forces in existence.

The key aim of this one hour Giving & Receiving Feedback training session is to understand the benefits of giving and receiving feedback in the right way.

Key Content:

1. Recognise the importance of feedback - Feedback is a gift
2. Know how to give positive feedback - Specific examples of fact
3. Know how to give constructive feedback - Sensitively with example using ‘I’
4. Recognise what to do with feedback - Give it, Receive it, Ask for it, Use it!
5. Know various models available to help in the feedback process:

  • DESC Model – Describe, Explain, Specify & Consequences
  • STAR Model – Situation or Task, Action & Result
  • GROW Model – Goal, Reality, Options & Will


At this end of this 1 hour, ‘Giving & Receiving Feedback’ training course your participants will be able to:

  • State the importance of giving and receiving feedback
  • Identify how to give positive feedback
  • Explain how to give constructive feedback
  • Recognise various models you can use when giving or receiving feedback
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