"Rosemary has a great wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on and it really showed in the way she helped me with some particular challenges I am trying to deal with. She has a great way of helping you to stand back and begin to work out some of the answers for yourself, always a sign of a good coach. It was invaluable time well spend and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone."

LM Liberty Business Ctr Aug, 2016

"Rosemary was really engaging and did a good job to open up discussion between the attendees. She was clear and concise when explaining concepts and made sure that we all really understood the concepts"

Coaching and Mentor workshop attendee Aug, 2016

"Rosemary always comes across as being very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience which helps get the message across. Rosemary is very good at getting you to think about things, and I like the way she gets everyone to interact with each other"

Giving and Receiving Feedback Workshop Aug, 2016

"I believe it has given me a good understanding of the role that I play within my team as the coach and my responsibility for growing not only the team and individuals, but myself."

Coaching and Mentoring Workshop attendee Aug, 2016

"I first viewed coaching as something that was scary as I thought that there would be long awkward silences (from me) and I would be under the spotlight, but it hasn’t felt like that – I see you in a guiding role, giving me suggestions and subtle ideas about how to deal with situations that I may find difficult.
I have learned to think about others when communicating and how my actions could affect them and getting me to identify solutions and recognise the changes I need to make."

GV Charity organization Aug, 2016

"It’s heartening to know that you are working well together, I have most certainly seen some major changes in her at work and working with you is obviously suiting her too."

Line Manager Feedback to staff member being Coached. Aug, 2016

"Rosemary helped me to create a picture of what my retirement would look like – working on a weekly basis we created a work which I could then add to over time. This made me feel much more comfortable and confident about facing retirement not as the end of my working life but as a new beginning in my life"

BG Chief Executive Officer, Edinburgh Aug, 2016

"Rosemary’s training and facilitation skills helped us to achieve better results in our workshops and helped to inspire the team. JB"

Cairn Housing Association, Edinburgh Aug, 2016

"She used probing questions and did make me feel a little uncomfortable at times, but I soon realised that this was ok as I was moving forward with my life and was what I needed to have happen."

SY, Health and Safety Manager Aug, 2016

"Rosemary used a variety of communication skills adapting to what I needed, this enabled me to get what I needed from our sessions and helped me achieve my goals"

JC, Dalgety Bay Aug, 2016

As someone who has never felt entirely comfortable in networking situations, working with Rosemary has helped me to target areas that required more development and to focus on what I want to achieve.  I’m now attending networking groups on a regular basis and whilst I still have more work to do on developing my confidence further, I feel more prepared and focussed since working with Rosemary’.


Jacqueline W - Dunfermline Nov, 2016

In sum, my sessions with Rosemary helped me clarify what really matters to me, where I could enhance my strengths and wehre osme skills needed more attention.  I am much happier in myself and with my current situation. I don't feel like I have to chase every aspiration, just those that are of real value and bring balance to my work and family life.

I have thouroughly enjoyed mysessions with Rosemary. Despite leading and managing large teams I was not applying muc of my own advice to myself. This resulted in a myriad of confused and often competing priorities and thoughts. Rosemary Helped me to work through these bringing order to the chaos. Her questioning was skilled and forced me to really reflect on each of the thoughts ging through my mind.

Martin Bell Jun, 2017