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Who's Idea Was It Anyway...

For nearly 20 years I worked in Human Resources (both in retail and an office environment) and have come across various personalities both in and out of Management…  As you may know working in this area you see human nature both at its best and at its worst.  You come across issues, which make you think – ‘If only their manager has just spoken to them, then we wouldn’t be in this situation’, ‘Did their manager not read the Policy on this’, ‘How can their manager expect the team to perform if he/she treats them like this’. There were many a Disciplinary Hearing that should never have got there, if the manager had only done their job..

The Boss being a incompetent, is one of the main reasons people leave their jobs…  It is one of the main reasons that 80% of people do not enjoy working.

I hated working with some Managers, because I just couldn’t see life the way they saw it and they couldn’t see it the way I saw it – One of the simplest things that staff ‘moaned’ about was not being thanked. I can remember saying this to one Store Manager that I worked with, and he turned round and say –‘Why should I thank them for doing their job – they get paid don’t they??’.  Eh, yes…but we all like to be appreciated and if it just take a simple word like ‘Thanks’ to do it, then it is worth its weight in gold..

So, Coach To Lead (3mth program) has been designed to help you, the manager/leader become the one person that everyone want to work with – you don’t even need a team, just be proactive about life. Why?

  • Because you know your own mind
  • You know how to appreciate team members
  • You are happy to admit that you don’t know everything
  • You want the team to develop to perhaps replace you one day, or even be promoted above you.
  • You know that if you develop yourself that your team will reap the benefit as well as your family, because you will have the time to spend with both, as well as the time to take a step back and look at where the business is going and how you can take it further.

If you want to be this manager/leader then let’s jump on a call  - 07709041645

Let’s make your workplace the in place to be.


Rosemary Armstrong


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