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Let's do a 5K run - I mean how hard can it be?

Running after all is just putting one foot in front of another, very fast – isn’t it.

Let me tell you a story……

Last Dec (2016) I made the decision to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn how to run. Everyone knows how to run I thought, so how hard can it really be!!!

Training, if you can call it that started in Jan using the treadmill at the local gym and all was going well. Times were good, I hadn’t yet had a heart attack and there were no paramedics waiting in the wings. What did change was the weather – I got to about 5 of the 9 weeks C25K program and decided to ‘go outdoors’. Different terrain and much more interesting.

All was going well for a few weeks – oh, at this stage I should tell you that my 5k run wasn’t booked in until June (25th to be precise), so I knew I had loads of time.  After a few weeks I managed to get up to running 1.5k, which for me was pretty good. Then I decided it would be good to have a bit of company on my ‘runs’ so I joined a club. A group run by volunteers of a running club – Ready Steady, Pitreavie -starting at week 1 (again) I was really enjoying it, then it happened..


My mind decided that I couldn’t do this – I was too old, too fat, unfit, wrong hair colour, feet too small, wrong job…… you name it my mind decided that was it, curtains for the running… let’s get back to the sofa quick before she does anything stupid...

Hang on there, not so quick…...


You see I am a Coach and I had come across this sort of thing many times and knew that it was just my mind and there were ways that I could work ‘with it’ to change the way it was trying to push me. The sofa could stay empty a while longer.

Now I am still running, yes perhaps not where I thought I would be, but still working on changing my mindset. That is all it is, MINDSET… nothing fatal, nothing that can’t be overcome, just MINDSET….

Now I know that when my mind throws up a perceived problem, I look at ways that the ‘issue’ can be dealt with:

  • Age – well to be honest none of us can do anything about that!
  • Weight – yes, this needs dealing with, but more along the lines of Healthy eating
  • Why the hell am I doing this? – because at the end of the run and after a shower, I feel amazing.
  • Breathing problems – let’s talk to someone to see how to do this best and what other exercises can help


And my list goes on, or my minds list goes on.

The point is your mind is there to support you and in theory to stop you doing anything stupid – but it isn’t always right. For many it can be a stumbling block to you moving out that comfort zone and achieving what you want in life.

Listen to that little voice in your head, but question it as well. Balance up what it says against what can be changed and what can’t, and does it really matter?

There is usually a way to overcome most obstacles in life – the question is, do you want to or are you just using your MINDSET as an excuse. Your choice.

Jump on a call and let’s have a chat to see how I can help your Mindset become more solution focused and get you achieving all those ‘5k’ runs in life.

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