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Can you change the way you think? Yes/No

Mindsets are beliefs – beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. Think about your intelligence, your talents, your personality. Are these qualities simply fixed traits, carved in stone and that’s that? Or are they things you can cultivate throughout your life?

People with a fixed mindset belief that their traits are just givens. They have a certain amount of brains and talent and nothing can change that. End of.. If they have a lot, they’re all set, but if they don’t…. (use your imagination here...) So, people in this mindset worry about their traits and how ad equate they are. They have something to prove to themselves and others.

Think about your intelligence, talents, and personality. Are they just fixed or can you develop them?

People with a growth mindset, on the other hand, see their qualities as things that can be developed through their dedication and effort. Sure, they’re happy if they’re brainy or talented, but that’s just the starting point. They understand that no one has ever accomplished great things – not even the ‘greats’ of this world – without passionate practice and learning.

Now think about how your mindset can affect everyday decisions that you make – be it for the family, your team at work or the business that you run. In some ways, it is the difference between success and failure (the failure that is a learning curve...) Have you ever thought about the true impact the way you think has on your day to day life?

Through my running I am really, I mean really learning the impact that mindset can have, not just our ability to do things ‘which we thought we couldn’t, but to deal with everyday situations. It is like a muscle that does need developing – so the sooner you start the sooner you will be making the right decisions for the right reason and getting so much more out of life

Mindset is also one of the biggest areas that I work on with my clients – by looking at these they have achieved some amazing results both personally and professionally. It is such a simple yet complicated thing your mind…let’s all make the most of it.

It is one of the main topics that I cover in my Coach To Lead program, because it is the one that has the biggest impact – a bit like having a personal trainer for the brain...


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