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By Admin on 10/07/2017   |   45 Reads

Your mind is the most powerful muscle you have in your entire body (heart aside..). It is the one that has the biggest impact on how you live your life - good and bad. By 'exercising' it you will change your life completely.

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By Admin on 29/06/2017   |   75 Reads

For those astute amongst us you will have notice that I have done a few posts regarding a new Coaching program that I have launched – Coach To Lead. Well I thought I would tell you why I came up with it and why I basically do what I do..

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By Admin on 22/06/2017   |   98 Reads

At the end of the day if you feel that you can't do something, it is only your MIND telling you that - and your MIND can be trained to think otherwise..

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Let me ask you? - Do you want to do better? Do you want more? Do you feel that your skills aren't being developed? Yes, then read this post as it has been written just for you...

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Some hints and tips on plotting that Career Path - let;s get you to where you know you want to be. It isn't that difficult, but it does mean you have to be serious and honest about what it is you want. 

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