Welcome to rja coaching


In 2014 I, Rosemary Armstrong, was made redundant from a job that I had been involved in for over 15 years – Human Resources. Once I got over the initial ‘why me’ (which took about 24hrs!!) I realised that this was the best thing that could have happened to me. Life was now going to be what I made it.

The question was – what form would that take? Well, I sat myself down and looked at all my skills and what I enjoyed doing (we should all do this on a regular basis regardless of what else is happening in our life..) and realised that the best parts of my job had been when I was dealing on a one to one basis with people. I had been using Coaching as a tool to help other staff members develop over the years and had really got a buzz when not only I could see the results, but they did as well.

Helping people be the best they can, is what I enjoy most. Seeing people not only achieve that new job, get that promotion, pass that exam, look forward to retirement, but see how they change the way they think and how they now know how to get the most from both themselves and their lives. We all have such amazing powers within ourselves, it just takes looking at it from a different perspective and few challenges from outside ourselves to see what they are.

So in February 2015 rja coaching and development was born. Using my Coaching qualifications and training I am now working towards my own potential – giving people back the power in their own lives, giving them permission to take time for themselves and develop themselves.

We all have the same 24hrs in each day – how are you using yours?