Wait!!!! Before you go any further don’t make this mistake!
Take out an old resume update it and send it off.

Or have someone write a resume for you.

Is This You?

  • Have you applied for jobs in the past and you are not being asked for an interview?
  • Within six months of getting a new job you still don’t feel happy and fulfilled?
  • You are working longer hours that you really wanted to?

In order to get a different result you have to do things differently.

We Can Help You…..

  • Get noticed, get the interview, get the job – Get your resume noticed by your future employers.
  • Make the decision, take the right action – An unbiased supportive professional who can help focus you on the outcome of what you really want.
  • Be valued – Imagine feeling valued working for an organisation that has ethics and values their staff.
  • Excited and motivated – Banish the feeling of got to do this and replace that feeling with you can’t wait to do this. That’s how you will feel when you are working in the right job for you.
  • Feel proud – When someone asks you what it you do for a living?
  • No more long hours – Eliminate work intruding into your personal and family life gain a healthier and better work life balance.

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Don’t Know Where to Start?

You will be able to write a compelling resume which is exactly a match to an interesting job you will really enjoy and be on the way to achieve the level of success you desire.

We can help you with life-changing career coaching sessions via Skype which offers flexibility and a real connection to your coach and you can book a 60 minute session by clicking here.

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Professional Resume Service Online

Resume Coaching Service…..

Great results if you have tried to get jobs in the past and not managed to get an interview.

  • You can be anywhere in the world – International clients welcome.
  • One to one personalised coaching – By Skype Video call.

What Will Happen?

We will schedule a 60 minute Skype call for your one-to-one coaching session.

The session is all about you and what you want to really achieve.

Whether you are undecided about what job to do next or you know exactly what you want but don’t know how to get there. By the time you get to the end of your session you will have a clearer vision and an action plan so you know exactly what to do next.

You will also receive tips and tricks to help you quickly and easily craft your resume so you get the result you really want.

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Here are some tips:

How to Get Results from Your Resume……

First Step

It’s important to have a resume that is going to be read – your resume has to sell you within the first few seconds to land quality jobs today. If you think you don’t know where to begin to create a quality resume then you may have a number of unconscious blocks getting in the way. This is not really an unusual phenomenon so don’t worry there is nothing wrong with you.

It is Usually the Most Difficult Thing……

If you can just stop for a moment and think of someone who is so helpful to work with or someone you just really like. If I were to ask you to write down five of their best qualities you wouldn’t have any problem doing that would you? In fact, you are probably thinking about them right now aren’t you?

When we try to self-promote it is usually the most difficult thing because you are too close to you! We may think if we begin to talk about our self in that way we sound arrogant or big headed. These thoughts again are not uncommon.

Questions Are the Answer……

You need to do a self-audit. The trouble is doing a self-audit by yourself is really difficult to do well or you may ask someone to help you. Again, there is a challenge with that because of the old saying garbage in equal’s garbage out. In other words, you need to ask exactly the right question to get exactly the right answer and that answer needs to be questioned and explored to really find out the hidden gems.

So a good way to start your resume is to carry out a self-audit that tells you what you do really well – not just technical skills but inter personal abilities as these are also your assets! However, remember doing a self-audit can tricky when you’re inexperienced.

Don’t Make This Mistake!

The other issue of doing this yourself, or with someone you know, means there will be bias from you or the person asking it. Yes, you guessed it, all of the questions will be loaded so the result is you will actually miss the most important things you can use. It also means you would most probably not recognise other discoveries along the way. Think of it like trying to self-diagnose yourself when you are not feeling well. Doesn’t it make more sense to ask a doctor?

Someone who is trained to ask the right questions and who has you best interests at heart.

Write a Winning Resume?

To make sure your resume get a response you need to understand what the jobs market is really looking for. You need to understand what kind of language should be used in a resume to grab the attention of people looking at resumes. It’s important to tailor your resume for each job you apply for. However, most people don’t where to start to write a winning resume. You may find it difficult to find the words that will stand out and help you land the job you want. It’s a shame that a lot of applicants don’t get the first few jobs they go for because they don’t know how write a resume that gets the right messages.

Creating a Resume That Gets Results……

It’s not enough to create a resume and start submitting it to potential employers – you need to create a resume that will get results. This involves avoiding the common mistakes that most job seekers make when creating a resume, such as failing to add specifics, highlighting duties instead of accomplishments, using a bad objective, or failing to use action verbs and power words. A resume that gets results also needs to be created in the best format, tailored to perfection to ensure that it engages the reader quickly.

Whether you’re starting a brand new career, a recent graduate, or you’re moving to another industry, we can help. From professionals to executives, a great resume is essential for job seeking success.

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